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Coastal or Inland Sage Scrub Habitat

sagescrub habitatPlants are generally herbaceous or semi-woody, aromatic, narrow-leafed, and summer deciduous. It is a more open community than true chaparral, and easier to walk through. Total height of plants ranges from 1 to 6 ft., lower than chaparral. Coastal Sage is not well adapted to fire, there is not as much root-crowning (re-sprouting) after a fire. It is found below 3,000 ft elevation and is thus the most impacted of all local habitats by urbanization. Only 30% of California Inland Sage Scrub remains.

Blue Sky has approximately 164 acres of this habitat, or 40% of the total area of the Ecological Reserve, and receives between 9-15 inches of rain per year.

Photos of plants | Photos of Animals

Plants of this habitat:

Flat-top or California buckwheat –Eriogonium fasciculatum
California sage brush – Artemesia californica
White sage - Salvia apiana
Golden yarrow – Eriophyllum confertiflorum
Laurel sumac – Malosma laurina (occasionally)
San Diego sunflower- vigiuiera laciuata

Common animals of this habitat:

Tarantula- Aphonopelmus sp.
California Trap-door spider
Darkling beetle- Eleodes sp.

Coast (San Diego) horned lizard (rare)- Phrynosoma coronatum
Side-blotched lizard- Uta stansburiana
Red diamond rattlesnake- Crotalus ruber
Gopher snake- Pituophis catenifer
Orange throated whiptail (rare)- Aspidoscelis

California quail- Callipepla californica
Greater roadrunner- Geococcyx calinornianus
Red-tailed hawk- Buteo jamaicensis
California gnatcatcher- Polioptila californica

Pacific or Agile Kangaroo rat- Dipodomys agilis
California ground squirrel- Spermophilus beecheyl
Coyote- Canis latrans
Audubon’s or desert cottontail- Sylvilagus audubonil