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California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Do not leave valuables in your car in the parking lot.
For issues with theft, contact the Poway Sheriff Department at (858) 513-2800.

Trail entrance(No Hunting, Flora and Fauna Protected)
CCR T.14 630(a) (1) - Protection of Resource. No person shall mine or disturb geological formations or archeological artifacts or take or disturb any bird or nest, or eggs thereof, or any plant, mammal, fish, mollusk, crustacean, amphibian, reptile, or any other form of plant or animal life in an ecological reserve except as provided in subsections 630 (a)(2) and (a)(8). The department may implement enhancement and protective measures to assure proper utilization and maintenance of ecological reserves.

(No Collecting)
CCR T.14 630(a)(3) – Collecting. No collecting shall be done in an ecological reserve except by permit issued pursuant to section 650 of these regulations. Any person applying for a permit must have a valid scientific collecting permit issued pursuant to part 3 of this title.

(No Firearms)
CCR T.14 630 (a)(8) – Firearms. No person shall fire or discharge any firearm bow and arrow, air or gas gun, spear gun, or any other weapon of any kind within or into an ecological reserve, except law enforcement personnel and as provided for in individual area regulations that allow for hunting.

(Ejection for Public Safety and Welfare of Reserve)
CCR T.14 630 (a)(9) – Ejection. Employees of the department may eject any person from an ecological reserve for violation of any of these rules or regulations or for any reason when it appears that the general safety or welfare of the ecological reserve or persons thereon is endangered.

(No Littering)
CCR T.14 630 (a)(14) – Litter. No person shall deposit, drop or scatter any debris on any ecological reserve except in a receptacle or area designated for that purpose. Where no designated receptacles are provided, any refuse resulting from a person’s use of an area must be removed from that area by such person.

(No Camping)
CCR T.14 630(a)(20) – Camping. No person shall camp on/in any ecological reserve.

City of Poway
Community Services Department
Facility Use Rules and Regulations Policy


Alcoholic Beverages

5.3.A   No person shall transport into a City Community Services facility, or consume upon the premises of a City Community Services facility, any intoxicating liquors having an alcoholic content in excess of twenty percent by volume.

Glass Prohibited

5.25   No person shall posses any glass container in any indoor or outdoor area of a City Community Services facility  except pursuant to a permit issued by the City. (PMC 9.48.290)


5.10.C  Except in an area specifically set aside and designated by the Director of Community Services as a “dog park,” all animals in City Community Services facilities shall be physically restrained at all times, either by being attached to a substantial leash no more than six feet in length, or by being confined in a tent, trailer, or other appropriate structure.

5.10.J   Individuals responsible for animals must clean up and dispose of animal waste.

Use Limitations(No bicycles)

7.4 Visitors to the reserve must abide by all California State Department of Fish and Game, County of San Diego and City of Poway rules and regulations; may not ride any bicycle nor drive any unauthorized vehicle beyond the limits of the parking lot.