Friends of Blue Sky

Birds of Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Download a complete list of birds found in Blue Sky (pdf)

Juvenile redtailed hawk
Juvenile Red-tailed hawk
Bald Eagle at Blue Sky Reserve
Bald Eagles sighted over
Lake Poway
Young Cooper's Hawk
Young Cooper's hawk
four Cooper's Hawks in nest
Four young Cooper's hawks in nest
redtailed hawk
Red-tailed hawk
hummingbird in Blue Sky Reserve
Hummingbird March, 2013
California thrasher
California thrasher
hummingbird in poison oak
Hummingbird in poison oak
Mallards in the creek
hummingbird nest
Hummingbird nest
long eared owl
Long-eared owl
long-eared owls
Long-eared owl
mourning dove
Mourning doves
screech owl
Screech owl